Trooper Nato Strap (Brown)
Trooper Nato Strap (Brown)
Trooper Nato Strap (Brown)
Trooper Nato Strap (Brown)
Trooper Nato Strap (Brown)

Trooper Nato Strap (Brown)

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Inspired by the WWII watch straps design used by US military, this strap loops around your watch unlike typical strap which just holds the watch. Double loop ensures that you never loose your watch even if one of the connectors break loose and premium quality leather keeps your wrist away from any scratches that the metal could possibly do.

(Ships in 24 Hours*)

Please Note: Watch is used for use on strap only and is not included in product. This Watch Strap Does Not Include a Fastening Buckle. 


- 2mm thick leather

- Double strap loop for added security

- Double inner gives softer feel on wrist

- Good lengthy strap to ensure buckle doesn't poke your wrist when rested on table

- Hand cut and stitched 

- Two Years Warranty against Craftsmanship and Leather*Read Details


This watch strap requires almost no maintenance. Just keep it away from direct fire and water and it will be with you Forever.

P.S. This small package is able to carry the marks of all your adventures, so don't forget to carry it everywhere you go.