The Card Sleeve
The Card Sleeve
The Card Sleeve
The Card Sleeve
The Card Sleeve

The Card Sleeve

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Weather it's payments or metro tickets Digital Cards are always best to reduce hassle in daily life and also reduces the bulk of large cash. This card sleeve is able to carry two cards in each of the three pockets and folded cash too. It'll definitely steal attention with its hand carved design in public, so we suggest to be ready for chats.

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- Three compartments for Cards and Folded Cash

- Each pocket can carry two cards easily

- Outer layers designed to fit tri-folded Cash along with cards

- Able to carry 2 cards in each pocket and a few folded bills

- Hand stitched and hand carved design on both sides

- Five years against Craftsmanship and Leather* Read Details


This wallet requires almost no maintenance. Just keep it away from direct fire and water and it will be with you Forever.

P.S. This small package is able to carry the marks of all your adventures, so don't forget to carry it everywhere you go.

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