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Key Fob

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Worried about your Bike/Car keys scratching your mobile screen or them poking through pockets. Well, we have a solution. Hook your keys to the snap and loop the fob around your belt and forget keys scratches. Long O shaped hook makes it easy to hook and unhook keys to the fob and also reduces chances of false opening.

(Ships in 24 Hours*)


- Made of premium pull up leather

- Round head stud for easy opening and closing

- Oval shaped swivel snap for added security

- Antique finished hardware

- Perfectly sized to hook even bigger keys when riding long and to hide in pocket when in office


This Key Fob requires almost no maintenance. Just keep it away from direct fire and water and it will be with you Forever.

P.S. This small package is able to carry the marks of all your adventures, so don't forget to carry it everywhere you go.

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