Leather and Hardware

All our products are made using Full Grain Pull Up Leather or Veg Tan Leather. Pull up leather is treated with natural waxes which gives it an unique character and shades which are hard to replicate on each piece. Veg Tan leather is tanned using Natural Oils from trees and hence is more durable.
Both the leather types are durable and will never peel off even if scratched intentionally, rather pull up will heal those scratches itself by soaking natural oil from our skin and Veg Tanned leather will smooth out those scratches with use, unlike cheap chrome tanned leather.
A leather hide is thick when extracted and is then split into multiple layers, all of which are called genuine leather. The topmost layer gained in splitting is called Full Grain leather which carries all marks and shades from the natural skin and is strongest and most durable of them all. We use only the full grain (the topmost layer as you know now!) leather and hence are pretty sure about the durability.
We use hardware from the best manufacturers and mention the type of hardware in description of each product. However some of the hardware may reflect worn out look over a course of time and use which is natural and is caused due to extensive use of it. In any case this will not ground to qualify as a defective product.
Yes, we truly handcraft all our products using the French and Japanese techniques. No machines (either Mechanical or Electronic) are used to craft any of our products unless mentioned. All pieces are Hand Cut and Saddle Stitched by hand using traditional techniques and hence are totally repairable if something happens. And even the stamping of logo is done by hand.
We mostly use Strong Bonded Waxed Nylon thread which is as durable as our leather. Some of the products are also stitched using either Waxed Polyester thread or Waxed Cotton thread and will be mentioning the same in their description. Waxing of thread makes it resistant to wear'n'tear due to regular use.